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Chief of Thinking ++

Hui Lin is our Chief of Thinking ++ at Abundant Ventures. She is a published writer and illustrator who not only researches and writes about topics that she is passionate about, but produces the beautiful illustrations and infographics on our website, whilst managing so many aspects of our thriving social enterprise hence the “++” to her title! She also has many different interests ranging from TV shows to art and science. She has a passion for plants and insects and has previously interned in 2019 at USM (University Science Malaysia) on Fig plant tissue cultivation under Dr Chew Bee Lynn. Recently she completed a 3-month internship on Black Soldier Flies under Dr Sarena Che Omar where she studied and cultivated them. These insects have the potential to increase food security and decrease food waste and from this experience, she has learnt many different things concerning the Black Soldier Fly and has an increased appreciation for them! She has written an article on the Black Soldier Fly with Dr Sarena Che Omar, which has been published on the Star newspaper.

Hui Lin has a strong passion for illustration and the arts and has worked on commissions digitally illustrating illustrations, and book covers. She has also drawn 3 maps for Millennials Meet Mary, a book comprising of different views by Millennials on the many artworks depicting Mary. Currently, she is working on illustrating a children's book. Hui Lin has also used her art skills and initiated the fundraising of money for Lang Tengah Turtle Watch to purchase satellite trackers to track turtles by selling hand-drawn turtle notebooks. In her free time, she loves sketching her surroundings when visiting new places and combining her biological and artistic backgrounds together. She also loves to talk about TV shows and movies with her friends. Currently, she is a third-year student at Bristol University studying Biology BSc and will be graduating in 2021.



I love watching people and observing trends.


Over 2 decades, through a very steep learning curve, I helped established the second largest retail watch chain outlet in Malaysia, City Chain, culminating in over 100 retail outlets located in the top shopping malls in Malaysia. But this adventure into retail, had humble beginnings at a little kiosk in Bukit Bintang Plaza in the centre of Kuala Lumpur where I first started wholesaling an Italian watch brand which brought me all over Malaysia, including the border towns in the Northern part of Malaysia, which were truly an eye-opener. Following that stint, I served as a consultant for the optical chain Optical 88 in Malaysia. Then I jumped on a very unique opportunity to work in the founding team at CITTA Mall, designing from scratch the concept of CITTA Mall to its eventual opening, operation and subsequent sale to a regional REIT. Over that period of almost 1 decade, sitting on the same side as the mall owner (as opposed to my previous role as a retailer), I came to appreciate the many moving parts that business owners have to take on and the enormous risks they assume whilst providing much-needed jobs for the economy. Currently, I serve at our family office, KeeGroup Sdn Bhd and our group are in the midst of introducing Smart Farming at our Asahan Estate.  


However, the world of the non-profit was never far, having worked on a dozen or so fundraisers including, Straits Chinese Porcelain an award-winning coffee table book, Wushu Federation Malaysia as well as serving as a Ladies golf committee member at the Royal Selangor Golf Club. All this led to joining Elene on our social enterprise journey at Abundant Ventures Sdn Bhd wherein 2019 I helped in the fundraiser for Project Monyet


Chief of Logistics and Social Media

Hui Wen is our Chief of Logistics and Social Media who not only manages the critical people aspect of our social enterprise but also runs the digital side of Abundant Ventures Sdn Bhd. Hui Wen has been intimately involved in all aspects of our recent campaign “Farm to Table for the B40s”. As a result of COVID 19, all barriers came down so, no matter where she is in the world, whether she is back in Malaysia with her family or in the UK pursuing her final year in Anthropology at University College London (UCL), she always finds time to develop and execute Abundant Venture projects. In 2019, she volunteered at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center for a month in Sandakan, Sabah, learning about sun bears as well as their role in the rainforest ecosystem and wrote an insightful article about her time there.


In 2020, she completed a fulfilling month-long communications internship at Cancer Research Malaysia which made her more informed of the need for cancer awareness, especially among low-income earners. On top of that, she is the social media administrator for Sinological Development Charitable Foundation based in Hong Kong and assisted in running their 2020 online summer program. If she is not studying or working, you can find her cooking, baking, or travelling among other things. 



I love working with people!


In particular, when there is a problem to be solved, I love brainstorming ideas with friends over early morning walks, bicycle rides, hikes, food and coffee, in a truly Malaysian way!


This led me down the path to work as Advisor since 2017 for the non-profit, Roots & Shoots Malaysia, founded by the iconic Dame Dr Jane Goodall…and this only came to pass after a couple of durian sessions with the irrepressible TP Lim, founder of the Malaysian chapter of Roots & Shoots.  In 2019, TP and I, were recognised as pioneers of RASMA - Roots & Shoots Malaysia Award, which is a nationwide youth volunteer program, now in its second year. RASMA has received amazing support from Yayasan Hasanah, an impact foundation of Khazanah as well as a slew of outstanding NGOs who work tirelessly. Further brainstorming sessions later, Project EcoWira was launched together with our partners - an initiative that brings environmental literacy to over 40 Trust Schools nationwide working with our partners.

Both RASMA and EcoWira, spurred Elene to look at social enterprises as another vehicle of doing good, and that gave birth to Abundant Ventures Sdn Bhd. It is certainly a new challenge! Abundant Ventures kicked off its first project in 2019, working with talented photographer Peter Ong, where we provided advisory for the concept and fundraised for Project Monyet. In 2020, we launched our first online crowdfunding initiative on Sedunia with the campaign “Farm to Table for the B40s” - food security and health for the B40s, a watermelon and dental kit at a time. This initiative came about through a combination of work I had done, fundraisers for the paediatric oncology department of UMSC in 2018 & 2019 and my current work with the farm at The Asahan Estate, Malacca.  


One might say, fund raising is in my blood, since I am surrounded by a large family who are active fund raisers. Hence, I fell into fund raising work from a young age and have been fortunate to work with amazing people on various fund raisers, including the award winning coffee table book Straits Chinese Porcelain, Wushu Federation Malaysia and PAN Productions (an award winning musical theatre) to name a few.


Aside from that, I gained experience working at PRIME College, CITTA Mall and served as an Independent member of the Board of Directors of Kian Joo Group Berhad, South East Asia’s largest packaging manufacturers, until it got privatised. 

I trained as a corporate lawyer, and read law at the University of Nottingham, UK and had a short stint at INSEAD Singapore, Executive Finance Program. 

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