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We are so excited that we finally came up with such an inspiring name - SEEDLINGS of HOPE to describe what we have been doing in our garden plot in the city, not too far away from the famed KLCC Twin Towers. The words HOPE really belong to Dame Dr Jane Goodall who we were so fortunate to meet and spend time with when she launched Project Monyet. And that must have lingered within all of us when we gave birth to “Seedlings of Hope”.


During this global pandemic, we have been planting lots of seedlings comprising chillis, bitter gourds, tomatoes, corn, okra, pumpkins to name but a few. We knew we wanted these seedlings and food to reach the low-income families who have suffered during these unprecedented times but we weren’t sure how that would come about. However, we kept going planting away because deep in our hearts we knew we want to get fresh nutritious foods to low-income families - B40 (Bottom 40% where household incomes are less than RM5,000 per month). But, how can these B40 families grow their own foods, whilst still holding down jobs that pay by the hour? If your pockets are full, farming and growing your own foods in the city is probably more achievable. However, a stroke of insight struck, and we finally realised that one way we could make this possible and make a difference, in our own small way, is to donate seedlings to community gardens where a larger population of B40 families reside. We are reaching out to them with our Seedlings of Hope - seedlings of vegetables and fruits as our gift to let the B40 families know that we do care very much for them and wish to share what we have. 


Seedlings of Hope may be a new initiative by Abundant Ventures but it is very much in keeping with our social mission of focusing on food security and making fresh foods available for our low-income families.


Our Seedlings of Hope will not come in plastic pots but in biodegradable pots that everyone can make for themselves! 

The community gardens we work with donate harvests to the B40 community, soup kitchens and orphanages.

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