Dr Sarena Che Omar

Dr Sarena Che Omar is currently a Deputy Director of Research at Khazanah Research Institute. There, she conducts data-driven policy research on matters related to agriculture and food security. She holds a Doctorate from the University of Oxford specializing in plant disease genetics. Her areas of interests blend perfectly with the mission and vision of Abundant Ventures Sdn Bhd and she looks forward to help make our society greener and more abundant.

Ngan Teng Ye

Ngan Teng Ye is a passionate photographer, specialising in portraiture and nature. The many beautiful photos on the Abundant Ventures Sdn Bhd social media and website come from Teng Ye, who serves as a volunteer whilst managing his family palm oil business for over 2 decades. A keen environmentalist, Teng Ye initiated and commercialised the palm oil biomass composting business since 2007. He had also championed two biogas methane avoidance projects under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and had successfully generated carbon credits.


On the community side, Ngan Teng Ye is currently the Chairman for Nan Hwa High School Board, Vice President for Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) and Vice President for Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH).